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Brownley Law Group

The Brownley Law Group has Special Education Advocates and Educational Consultants that have the education, training, and practical experience to help navigate special eduction. They are well versed in reading and analyzing test scores, reports and IEPs, and then applying that knowledge. Advocates are well informed regarding the local professionals in such fields as Testing, Speech and Language, Visual and Auditory Processing, Neuro-psychology, and Occupational Therapy. All Advocates are expert at seeking and obtaining positive results in contentious and sometimes hostile situations. The Group also offers Case Analysis for $650 prior to retaining the group. For the Case Analysis, a lawyer reviews the case for 1-2 hours and then meets with clients for 2 hours to discuss the law, appropriate course of action, answer any questions, and give a professional legal opinion of the case.
Jurisdictions Served:
Falls Church
Prince William
Outside Northern VA
Trauma expertise is not identified or does not apply for this provider.
Not Applicable
Private Insurance:
Not Applicable

McLean Office
8300 Greensboro Drive, Ste 800
McLean, 22102

Reston Office
11710 Plaza America Drive, Ste 2000
Reston, VA 20190
Bill and Vanessa Brownley