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Transition Program at Beaver Farm

The Camphill School is a Waldorf residential school for children with special needs in kindergarten through grade twelve. The Transition Program at Beaver Farm is a pre-vocational program designed for students ages eighteen to twenty-one who have completed the twelfth grade. The transition program offers vocational opportunities, opportunities to learn life skills in a life sharing community setting, and continued academic support and therapies. Students have daily tasks that they are responsible for doing, such as cooking, baking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, table setting, recycling/composting, and dishwashing. Students have the opportunity to work in different vocational placements such as biodynamic/organic farming and gardening, land maintenance, cooking, pottery, woodworking, baking, and cleaning. Continued academic support is an integral part of the Transition Program. Students who need the continued support of occupational, physical, and speech therapies also receive them over the course of the week.
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