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J.D. Hiznay PLLC

J.D. Hiznay, PLLC is a Northern Virginia law firm providing advocacy and support for children and young adults with learning differences. Services provided include private consultations on strategies to obtain services and accommodations, psycho-educational testing, therapeutic support, and application for public benefits; representation in 504 plans, IEPs, and school placement decisions; assessment of school placement needs; representation in school discipline matters for children with disabilities; consultation on transition and post-secondary preparedness, including assessment of legal needs upon the age of majority; and referral to specialists who provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments, therapeutic interventions including occupational therapy and speech-language therapy, and medical or psychiatric interventions as applicable.
Jurisdictions Served:
Falls Church
Prince William
Outside Northern VA
Trauma expertise is not identified or does not apply for this provider.
Not Applicable
Private Insurance:
Not Applicable