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· Attachment Issues and Trauma Reactions

The Ainsworth Attachment Clinic

The Ainsworth Clinic provides evaluation, intervention-planning, and intervention-consultation for children from birth through adolescence who have experienced significant challenges or disruptions to their relationships and attachment bonds with their parents or other caregivers. Among the children who benefit from these services are those in foster care or adoptive care, those having difficulties with custody and visitation arrangements, and those whose families have experienced a traumatic event. The Clinic uses the Circle of Security Model which is an evidence based intervention designed to strengthen secure attachment between children and their caregivers.
Jurisdictions Served:
Outside Northern VA
This provider has self-identified trauma expertise.
This provider does not accept Medicaid.
Private Insurance:
This provider does not accept private insurance.
Provider Payment Description:
VDSS, Post Adoption, CSA, private pay

914 E Jefferson St Office (1)
914 E Jefferson St
Charlottesville, VA 22902-4745